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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  July 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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watches, warnings, and a lot of worries, after a stormy holiday. fireworks show in the district but the real action might be out on the street. missile crisis, a late night launch causes new concerns. lots of ways to win stuff on facebook, but is it really about the benjamins? we'll verify. and if you can't take the heat, get out of the food truck. wusa9 at 11:00 starts now. he
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tonight, all dressed up in that patriotic spirit, the red, white, blue adorning the presidential residence. it was the rumble of thunder though that had a lot of you talking tonight, even canceling some of the area's fireworks shows like the one in annapolis. let's get right to it, howard bernstein, people warned it would happen, in some places. >> we talked about a 30% chance of cancellation, annapolis was one of them. up in damascus, water fell an inch of a quarter. and we're going to be dodging more storms over the last couple days. right now we're still dodging a few showers out there, the stalwart situation, the die hardz, we're doing -- hards, we're doing okay in town. starting to weaken up in montgomery county, looking a little more impressive and only just 20 minutes ago, weakening in toward
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upper montgomery, right on 270 near hyatt town, walkersburg, 126, we're seeing the heavier showers. mar tinsburg, that is also falling apart this evening. and warn town, couple light showers, buried ourselves though. watch out for more showers west of town. but thursday, it could be much more widespread, talk about the yellow weather alert. not the fireworks cancel tonight, crowds were a bit smaller. >> reporter: that's right, lesli, people noticed the big difference around the washington monument earlier tonight. that said, everyone who attended today still had a lot of fun. what a show. it should be no surprised that thousands of people gathered on the mall hours in advance to see it. >> any chance of fiepding a good spot? >> get here early. >> reporter: pray for the b
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but it turns out maybe that wasn't as necessary this year as in years past. >> reporter: a lot of people got here early to find a spot. that said, there was a lot of space around 8:30 at night. this is what it looked like on the northern side of the washington monument before the fireworks. >> i believe yeah, there's not a lot of people here. look at the field behind you, nobody here. >> reporter: so spacious, you can fit anything in here. the weather may be to blame, it went from sunny, rainy, sunny and then empty just before the big part of the show. people may have just decided to stay away. but that provided faithful fans here with some fun. >> for me i got a ton of elbow room. sure, kids are playing frisbee. >> reporter: and either way, it was still a fun day on the mall, whether you're a kid or these patriotic bicyclists. >> you want to get out. >> reporter: this is definitely fireworks show few here will forget. >> nothing like watching it in front of the washington monument! >> reporter: now, the national guard service does not have hard
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figures on how many people showed up tonight, but as you could see for the thousands of people, once again they had a great time tonight. guys? >> john henry, thank you. police say that's the only safe way to watch fireworks, but today people were ignoring that. our team is in the petworth neighborhood in northwest dc, talk about that. pete? >> reporter: adam, you can really hear this more than you can see this, 13th and quincy streets, party started a lot earlier, slowing down a little bit now but nearby, it's not like it's stopping any time soon. police issued warnings about illegal fireworks for weeks ahead of time. and tonight, they're only starting to crack down. the loud and hardly legal are on display at every
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johnston's party. an officer took the fireworks to grow to his growing possession. you upset? >> no, not upset. not at all. [ laughter ] >> reporter: earlier, the rush was on at this tnt fireworks stand, right across from the georgia avenue station. it's a party. >> it's a party. a nonalcoholic party. [ laughter ] >> reporter: fans must be licensed. dc police just busted an illegal operation. steve newsham says it was selling fireworks to children. it's against dc law to light up any fireworks that explode, that means mortars, cherry bombs, even roman candles. >> that noise woke me up early this morning. >> reporter: paul is a deacon in northwest dc. he wants more enforcements against booms that are beyond bad all week. >> all day, during the day, all night, during the night.
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man, i think you just heard one. >> reporter: neighborhoods everywhere declaring independence from local law. >> red, white, blue. it's supposed to be loud. >> reporter: checking the police scanner, blowing up with fireworks called. firefighters have set up a special line where you can report illegal fireworks, 202-727-1600 or 911. pete muntean, wusa9. president trump welcomed army families, he and medical lania hosted a picnic on the south lawn, a pledge to the men and women in uniform. >> there could be no greater privilege than to serve as your commander in chief. i pledge my unwavering support for you, for your families and your missions. i will always have your back. >> president trump also made special mention of
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of service members on duty overseas, this very moment away from their families during the holiday but protecting our freedom. meanwhile, we've been following breaking news out of north korea, leader kim jong-un calling his launch a gift to yankee bastards, quote. and promising more gifts down the road. also tonight, u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson now on the record confirming the missile was an ibtm, in the air nearly 40 minutes before splashing in the sea of japan. south korea has responded, this joint military exercise, firing missiles in the waters off south korea. the pentagon said the intent was to highlight precision, targeting capabilities. russia and china are calling on the u.s. to halt this very type of exercise for now, the three world powers will huddle up tomorrow no new york. the u.s.
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emergency meeting of the united nations' security council. rather fitting the group called the sons. american revolution chose independence day to honor a pair of u.s. capitol police officers. bailey and griener put their lives on the line when a gunman opened fire on a congressional baseball practice in alexandria last month. today they received medals for bravery and valor. we heard from officer bailey for the first time since the shooting. he kept it simple. >> i'm going -- i'm greatly honored to be here, thank you for the award. and thank you. [ laughter ] appreciate it. >> bailey was hit by bullets fragments during the shooting. his partner, griener was shot in the ankle. she's still recovering. another officer accepted her award for her. it's your lucky day! you're on facebook for amazing things happen around the clock and lo and behold, all you have to do is
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share a post and wamo, you'll be showered with fabulous prizes! have you ever been showered because of something you did on facebook? >> i didn't think so. >> sweepstakes and giveaways, here's one that had verified written all over it, literally. loads of free stuff, trusted and verified giveaways and freebies. right. we have two separate questions about sweepstakes pages on facebook. two women asking us if world of free stuff and women's corner are really offering tiny homes, cook ware, trucks and jeeps for free. so first we dug in to this world of free stuff page on facebook, turns out they're creating a whole network of other facebook pages ha host memes -- that host memes, quotes, and prizes and then sharing those posts on its page. what they're doing is building a news feed to make itself appear legitimate. there's no trace of world of free stuff ever announcing the prize winner. so bam, false. i can
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winning anything on this page. i verified researchers entered the sweepstakes, below this meme, this truck post, yeah, nothing happened. and it didn't for robin who says she didn't expect anything from it, nicholas who says he didn't want to miss an opportunity in case it was real, or linda who says her husband won hundreds in merchandise from other sweepstakes, and can spot one when he sees one. good call. what about women's corner with the cover photo that says website? well, we used a reverse google image and found the profile picture was a stack photo titled american women. even though the page is a hub of freebies and memes, this video of the alleged pink feet being given away received over 32,000 shares. the wusa9 digital team tells us these sweepstakes pages exist to boost engagement and pop up on more news feeds. it's all to attract payg
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and you don't get anything out of it. we can verify that neither of these pages seem to be legit and even if they don't ask you for sensitive material, you don't need to be commenting on them because that page will continue to grow. if you got something you want verified, something you think might be fake news or questions in general, you're not sure, you know, don't share it until you verify it. find me on facebook, twitter, adam longo tv or send me an e-mail at it's not exactly a verify, but we'll check it for you. how do they get the colors in our favorite fireworks? >> in case you missed it, the favorite parts of the capitol fireworks, a smaller but no less patriotic tribute right in this virginia man's lawn. what's it like to work on a food truck on a hot sticky july 4th night? and oh yeah, you can't get away from your family. we're going to show you how the burrtons get
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and check out how your neighbors are celebrating the holiday. sharing some of our pics from our facebook page, dogs, babies, and everything else red, white, blue. happy 4th.
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the only bed smart enough to change sleep as we know it.. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you comfortable. and snoring... does your bed do that? right now save on sleep number 360 smart beds™. plus, it's the lowest prices of the season with savings of $500 on our most popular p5 bed. ends sunday. fireworks were spectacular tonight. we're going to show you more even later on. but first we wondered how do they get to be so spectacular? those spray patterns, all the colors. we asked an expert, dr. trifle, a chemistry professor, he says to get a rainbow of colors just add salt. >> people discovered
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putting a metal salt in the explosives that make the fireworks causes them to have colors that might be interesting like the blues and the greens and the yellows and the reds. >> different metal salts produce different colors. as for those spray patterns, the doctor says they're produced by heat and gas that's given off when the gun powder explodes. with any large event, you're bound to see food trucks. your choice of them. but in dc, there's a brand new truck on the road that is truly a family affair. two brothers and one sister from anacostia invested in themselves and a family dream. delia gone calves takes us on the road. >> reporter: if you believe in destiny, today is july 4th and today is the fourth day on the job for the family in the truck. the grill, and b. >> t
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because i'm the oldest sibling. >> reporter: she's your typical oldest child, but no one to lean on but her little brothers. >> i always listen to what they have to say, for the most part, they know more than i do in this business. >> reporter: and this is burton's world fusion foods with the wide menu known for its variety like this mac and cheese topped burger. this was antoine's dream to put his 20 plus years in the restaurant business to work and one day open a brick and mortar restaurant. what's it like working with your br and sister in a little truck like this? >>um, it's okay. it's okay. most important thing, as long as they listen, we'll be all right. >> we have to crawl before we walk. [ laughter ] so we crawling a little ways. and then they just don't notice, but i'm retiring in two years, so they're going to take care of me. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but seriously, this business is all about family. >> we learned even more about each other that we didn't know just as siblings and family members. >> surprised enough we getting
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would, but i have learned a different side of them. they can be pretty bossy. and pretty demanding. >> reporter: learning lessons and building a legacy, one sale at a time. >> the public has been super nice to us. and we know, we're pouring that kindness back hundred fold. >> reporter: in downtown dc, delia goncalves. >> that looks good. any time you see working in the food truck, oh yeah. >> mac and cheese on a burger, that will make you hot. >> not a lot to say, you've got to really be liking your siblings and everybody in your family. >> maybe delia caught them at the beginning of the shift. [ laughter ] you went for a run tonight, talk about hot, pretty impressed. >> swampy. >> and that swampiness will be with us the next few days, we'll have more chances for much needed rainfall. we'll take it. talk about the three day forecast theig
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we didn't get 91, we get 92 before the showers and storms hit. tomorrow i'm going 86. i was thinking 85 earlier, raising the 86 we get sunshine this time of year, it doesn't take much to get in to at this time upper 80s. still percolating a few showers tonight, these storms are just up and down all over the place. i said earlier, like boiling water. you don't know where or when in the [ indiscernible ] you're going to have them, but that's what we have. showers but the heftest hinge along route 96, walker, liberty town not moving much. then toward south and west, showers, woodstock going right up 81 and we see some showers and they fall apart, now moving in, between manassas and oaksville across, 28 right now. that's about it. tomorrow, showers and storms mainly west of town. but with the clouds and an easterly flow off the atlantic, it's not going to be in the low 90s, we'll probably be in the low to mid 80s. a litt m
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but still going to be a little bit on the muggy side. muggy tonight, 79 in town, on the bay, upper 70s to the patch river station, a few 60s in places of winchester now and with the humidity, the rainfall earlier, don't be surprised if we have patches of fog to start your wednesday. 79 now, still feels like 82 with that humidity at 77%. separating the muggy air less humid, a little less humid air to the north. this front will be dropping to the south and that will allow the wind to turn more to the east and the northeast overnight, pushing the showers out to the west. those winds hit the blue ridge, hit the mountain top out to the west. you get additional lift out there. most of the activity stays west. now on thursday though, this stuff's going to be moving more toward us. so midday, afternoon, shower storms at times, thursday. i'm going with the yellow weather alert. if the morning rush isn't
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more likely to be impacted. and then on friday, while we start out i think dry, i'm concerned about this front which could get close, maybe late day showers and storms headed our way. so, yes. a little bit active. 68 to 76 tonight, a few showers, storms, and maybe even patchy fog. tomorrow morning in the 70s an isolated shower or two, mostly west of town and that will be the case most of the day. they say generally west of the blue ridge, low to mid 80s out there. as we head toward thursday, yellow weather alert, showers and storms will be more widespread, 84. friday, 93. the heat's back and see this isolated shower, over the weekend, just a stray storm saturday, sunday looks nice at 86, really nice. and then heat returns with a stray storm by tuesday. headlines you might have missed on this 4th of july holiday. a virginia man did not settle for simply flying the flag this independence day. joe mowed the stars and stripes right in to
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in vivid green. looks good. a barista in south korea is recreating famous paintings on cups of coffee. the scream, vincent van gogh's starry night. each cup of art costs about $9. too pretty to drink. >> yeah. if you're hungry, how about a hot dog? competitive eater joey chestnut wolfed down 72 of these in 10 minutes. the annual nathan's hot dogs on coney island. you heard right, 72 dogs, 10 minutes, a world record. all right. we'll see what's going on with the nats as they take on the mets again today. i'm going to tell you why it's okay to ma
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now, wusa9 game on sports. brought to you by xfinity. >> the 4th of july let's us reflect on good old fashioned american traditions. fireworks, baseball, talking smack. two things immediately come to mind when mentally summoning a witty putdown, our superior yoertity over new york, and our ability to showcase patriotism
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above over the former capitol. bryce harper came with his beast load today and the best cleats ever! bryce harper, ladies and gentlemen, is america. all that smack talk about new york because the mets are here. they came to play, reyes, first batter of the game crushes one in the upper deck, 1-0. to the 5th now, tied, 2-2, over to the right side but the fielder forgot something broke. harper makes him pay. wilmer is going to score, head first in to first, careful with the hair, son. daniel murphy, coming in next, knock in harper. nats up 4-2. murphy and harper has four hits, seven rbis combined. ahead to the 9th. nats up. perez and bruce finds a way, yeah, that's a homer
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9th inning, again. luckily that's all the damage that was done. nats win, they play again tomorrow at 7:05. >> they have a nine run now at havertys furniture, it's our star spangled sale. now through july 10th, save up to one-thousand dollars in bonus discounts to create your perfect home. plus, you'll get thirty-six month, no interest financing. hurry in and celebrate with big savings. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't.
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the star spangled sale is on now at havertys. life looks good.
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visit your volvo dealer today and get up to $4,500 in allowances. not a bad night. >> no, could be an isolated shower storm overnight. tomorrow, most of the activity is going to be less of a blue ridge, but watch out on yellow weather alert day, more widespread showers and storms. friday, isolated storms 93 and then sunday. sunday looks fantastic. a little cooler. you like that. >> that's it for wusa9 news tonight. >> we leave you with a look at tonight's fireworks happy independence day, everyone.
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